Student wellbeing

Anti Bullying

SIHS Anti-bullying Plan (pdf 2086 KB)

Mindfulness Workshops

During August we are running two mindfulness workshops for our senior students. This has stemmed from our wellbeing planning meetings and is part of our larger goal for senior students which is to "Achieve a balance in student application to their learning". These workshops are being supported by the P&C so there is no charge for participants. 

It is hoped that the tools students will learn in each workshop will assist them when dealing with societal pressures that may come from inside and outside of school. 


The MAD Mindworks Team are running two workshops and students are able to attend one or both of the workshops. 

Workshop 1: Physical Benefits of Mindfulness Practices – Focus in on physical wellbeing, sport performance,  hormonal balance and sleep. This workshop offers an insight into and experience of movement, breath and balance techniques that build spinal strength, facilitate detoxification, build and balance the immune and endocrine systems and  and promote sleep. This workshop will also focus on the Mental Benefits of Mindfulness Practices. Looking at how techniques can improve focus, concentration and academic performance along with creativity, problem solving and decision making. This experience will hone in on practices that foster concentration, self discipline, self awareness and refine attention.

Details: Friday 19 August – 7.40am-8.40am in the Library. 


Workshop 2: Emotional Benefits of Mindfulness Practices – Examine research that demonstrates how practice can reduce stress, anxiety, depression, tension and anger for young people. This workshop will look at the use of breath to better self-regulate, mindfulness exercises to foster greater presence and self awareness and relaxation techniques to achieve calmness and balance.

Details: Friday 26 August – 7.40am-8.40am in the Library. 

There will be take home resources for both workshops. 

Students are encouraged to wear casual clothing for each workshop. They can change into their school uniform at the end of the day. 



Homework Survey

We are looking to continually seek feedback around our current practices. Last year we surveyed Year 7 and 8 parents on the amount of homework and assessments their child was receiving. As a result from the feedback we received, teachers have made changes to the assessment calendar, the amount of support students receive with their assessments and we have introduced a new way of communicating task due dates to parents. 

We believe there there is still some way to go, therefore your feedback is greatly appreciated.  

With your son/daughter please complete the below survey.