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St Ives High School is a modern comprehensive high school offering a wide curriculum based on the NSW Board of Studies.   The school is organised around three stages of two years each:

Stage 4 - Years 7 & 8  

Common Courses: English, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, Chinese, French, Japanese, Spanish, Art, Music, Design & Technology, Physical Education and Health - Sport is integrated into the daily timetable.  There are elective choices available as students transition from Year 7 into Year 8.

Stage 5 - Years 9 & 10   Specific Courses plus some Elective Choices:

English, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, Physical Education and Health, plus other subjects as chosen from a broad range.

Stage 6 - Years 11 & 12  Specific Courses:

English and other subjects chosen from Key Learning Areas, as prescribed by the Board of Studies.
Other information:
Elective choices are available for students as they transition from Year 7 to 8 as well as from Year 8 into 9, and Year 10 into 11.
In Years 7 & 8, Sport is an integral part of the school day. In Years 9 to 12, Sport is held on a Thursday afternoon and students have a wide range of options, including inter-school grade competition, a well as social sports. Sport is either held at school or at local venues or students travel by bus to venues provided by other schools.

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