Feeling Sick

Where a student becomes ill or is injured during the school day, the following procedures are observed:
  • Both male and female students must report to the School Office.
  • Students will be seated in the foyer for one period.  If the student is then too ill to resume lessons, the school will contact parent/carer to request that the student be collected and taken home.  No student will be sent home unaccompanied on public transport. If parent/carer is unavailable to collect their child, they will be asked to nominate a representative to take the child home.
  • Parents are asked not to send their son or daughter to school if it is evident that they may not be able to see out the full school day due to illness or injury.  
Parents/carers will be contacted as soon as possible after a serious injury occurs.  If medical treatment appears necessary and parent/carer cannot be contacted, an ambulance will be called.  Up-to-date contact telephone numbers are therefore important to eliminate delays in locating the parent/carer.