1 Who is the Principal of St Ives High School?  Principal's Message
2 Who are the Deputy Principals at St Ives High School?  Staff
3 Who are the Head Teachers at St Ives High School?  Staff
4 Who is the School Counsellor?  Staff
5 Who is the Careers Adviser?  Staff
6 Who are the Year Advisers for 2017?  Staff
7 Who are the School Captains for 2017? Student leadership
8 What are the school hours?  School Hours
9 What happens to students before and after school?  Before & After School
10 What is the Student's Code of Conduct?  Code of conduct
11 Using Email, the Internet, and Intranet at school.  Email, internet & Intranet
12 What to do if a student is feeling sick.  Feeling Sick
13 What to do if a student is late for school.  Late for school
14 What about student absences?  Handling Absences
15 Who do I call?  Who do I call
16 How do I pay my school contributions?  School contributions
17 Where do my school contributions go?  Where do my contributions go to?
18 How can I support St Ives High School?  How can I help
19 When can I meet my child's teachers?  Meeting my child's teacher
20 When are school reports distributed?  School report dates
21 Click - A Technology Guide for Parents Technology
22 What is the drawing area for the school? Drawing Area (pdf 224 KB)
23 How is student achievement acknowledged? Scholarships & awards