Code of conduct

As a member of St Ives High School you agree to:
1    Abide by the Code of Conduct.
2    Follow the St Ives High School Rules as printed in the school diary.
3    Wear the appropriate school uniform.
4    Follow the directions of staff members within the school environment.
5    Respect all property.
6    Cooperate in achieving the classroom goals of:
     (a)    Making learning your aim
     (b)    Not disturbing the learning of others
     (c)    Acting in an honest, cooperative and considerate manner
     (d)    Taking care of the school environment.

I have the right to:

I have the responsibility to:

A say in the government of the school

 Abide by the democratic decisions made within the school

Be informed of regulations relating to school and school procedures

(a)    Take note of and act upon information received
(b)    Wear school uniform

Be respected as an individual and to be treated courteously and without prejudice

(a)    Be polite to others and treat them with respect
(b)    Not use foul and abusive language
(c)    Refrain from racist remarks

Express my feelings and opinions in an appropriate manner

(a)    Listen to the opinions of others
(b)    Express my point of view pleasantly

A sympathetic hearing when I have a problem

(a)    Consider the feelings of others
(b)    Treat others with understanding

Be safe from any form of violence

Make the school safe by:
(a)    Not intimidating or harassing anyone, verbally or physically
(b)    Not hurting anyone deliberately or by unsafe play
(c)    Not to possess or use a prohibited weapon

Expect my property to be safe 

(a)    Protect my property from theft or damage
(b)    Return lost property, and not take others' property

Work in a pleasant and orderly environment

Care for the school environment by:
(a)    Not littering or wilfully damaging school property, be it graffiti or other forms of vandalism
(b)    Reporting damage
(c)    Accepting instructions in relation to maintaining order

Obtain maximum benefit from lessons and courses of study

(a)    Attend school regularly
(b)    Be punctual to class and roll call
(c)    Not disrupt classes or individuals
(d)    Do all work required 

Expect my school to have the support and respect of the local community

Behave (both in school and in the community) in a way which gains respect and encourages support for the school

Receive an education in an environment free of banned or illegal substances

(a)    Not to smoke or consume alcohol on School premises
(b)    Not to use, possess or deal in illegal substances

Be judged according to the Code of Conduct and the rules which relate to it 

(a)    Exercise self control as I exercise my rights
(b)    Not interfere with the rights of others
(c)    Accept correction and penalty when I break the rules