P&C Year Group Representatives

Your P&C Year Group Representatives in 2018


Year 7: TBC after Orientation Day

Year 8: Tracey Johnson and Kristine Paikin


Year 9: Christina Loebel and Kellie Parkin


Year 10: Tracy Wallbridge and Meredith Hunter

Year 11: Nilu Habibi and Libby Cameron


Year 12: Megan Shave and Ali Parsanejad


If you would like to contact your P&C Year Coordinator/s please send an email marked for their attention to the above email addresses or care of communications@stivespandc.com


Who are the P&C Year Group Representatives and What Do They Do?

The purpose of the P&C Year Group Representative is to help parents become part of the St Ives High School Community by helping to bring families together and helping them build new networks. This is achieved by:


  • Collating and Distributing Year Group Contact List

For privacy reasons, the school is not allowed to distribute any parent contact details that have been provided upon enrolment. Your P&C Year Group representative will work with you to collate and distribute a Year Group Contact List. This list will help to develop a strong parent social network, identify families that live in your area, and will be of great value when your child is older and is more socially active with their friends. We urge you to supply your details for inclusion in this list where possible as it will prove to be of great value throughout your time at SIHS as your child will be part of a dynamic group of friends.

Click here if you are a new parent and would like to be included in the Year Group Contact List and have not yet signed up.


  • Organising Year Group Socials

Your Year Group P&C Representative is also responsible for organising social events for fellow parents and their children. These gatherings are usually informal and could be an evening at someone's home, a coffee morning at a local café or an afternoon for the family at a local park (junior years). Notices regarding these events will be circulated via the P&C email list and posted in the school newsletter. Becoming involved in these events will allow you to begin an engaging relationship with the broader school community.


  • How are P&C Year Group Representatives Chosen?

P&C Year Group Representatives are nominated and drawn from the year group they represent. If you are interested in the role please complete the nomination form which also provides a brief outline of the main responsibilities of this role [ click through to doc]. Please note that this role can be shared and that at the end of each academic year a call for nominations is circulated by the P&C President so as to give all parents the opportunity to volunteer in this capacity if they wish.