P&C Year Group Representatives

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Year 7: Pam Murray

Year 8: Tracey Johnson and Kristine Paikin


Year 9: Christina Loebel and Kellie Parkin


Year 10Tracy Wallbridge and Meredith Hunter

Year 11Nilu Habibi and Libby Cameron


Year 12: Megan Shave and Ali Parsanejad


To contact/email your parent year coordinator, please click on the relative year.


What is the Parent Hub? and What Do The Parent Representatives Do?

The purpose of the P&C Year Group Representative is to help parents become part of the St Ives High School Community and by helping to bring families together and helping them build new networks. They also organise outings and socials which are very important in keeping up with the high school life.

For more information on this, please visit Parent Hub.


Click here if you are a new parent and would like to be included in the Year Group Contact List and have not yet signed up.